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English for travel

Are you visiting an English-speaking country? Do you need tips on where to go or what to do? Ideas on accommodation, transportation and what to pack? Our blogs, videos, and podcasts offer practical travel advice in English so you can be ready before you set off. We also have links to our favorite places and items you may need to make your visit go smoothly.

Find an English teacher

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or studying for exams, our membership-only area gives you access to teachers who can help meet your needs. Our in-depth profiles allow you to search and find the right teacher. Using our chat forum, you can contact the teacher directly with questions and negotiate prices.

Translators, interpreters & proofreaders

Do you work for an international company? Do you need conference or marketing material translated? Do you need your business correspondence proofread? Do you need an interpreter for an English-speaking convention? Camino English gives you access to professional translators, proofreaders, editors, and interpreters.


Our goal is – quality. We help students and teachers connect in a safe, fun, and interactive way. You can also network and meet like-minded people who want to study English for travel or business.

Learn English With Native English Speakers


Experience one of our day trips.


Find a teacher and meet other students by joining our interactive membership program which includes Live chat, chat forums along with videos, podcasts, blogs, grammar lessons, a bi-weekly newsletter and more.
Create your profile, upload pictures, browse teacher profiles, find the best teacher for you and begin chatting with other members in English now.
The price is just a one-off fee of €49 euros via Paypal (so you of course have buyer protection).

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