Welcome to our new school

Businesses and schools don’t open their doors with a full inventory or classroom. They build as they go. As a student to a new school, you get to grow with us - one student, class, and lesson at a time. We will be adding new content regularly. While you wait, participate in our membership area. Meet new people and practice what you are learning!

We have teachers who are ready, willing, and able to help meet your English learning needs. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or business learner, we are here for you.

Camino English was created by English teachers who wanted to share their love of learning in a safe, effective, encouraging, and fun environment. We offer video and telephone classes so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office. In addition, we have walking and learning intensives. Join our interactive social membership program which has a chat forum, videos, podcasts, blogs, a monthly newsletter, lessons, quizzes, and more!


Learning a language should be fun and useful from the start. Memorizing vocabulary and grammar are great but only if you can use them in daily conversations. Our goal is to get you listening, watching, and reading language in action. From exam preparation to conversation skills, we’re here for you.

Individual intensive experiences

We can help you quickly learn or practice your English speaking skills before a conference or business meeting while walking one of our many Caminos. Price includes a Menu del Dia.

Corporate lessons and teambuilding

Pre-selected teams from corporations and companies can schedule a day-long experience which can include focused learning, a meal, and teambuilding exercises.

Group intensive experiences

Do you want to practice your English language skills in a small group? Join one of our English-only day Caminos. Class size is limited to 4 students per teacher. A Menu del Dia is included in the price.

Video or telephone classes

We offer 30-minute telephone classes and 60-minute video classes tailored to your needs, level, and goals. You will receive corrections and feedback during the class which will help improve your skills. Select a date and time from our calendar, and you are ready to begin!

Learn English From Native English Speakers


Join our interactive membership program which includes a chat forum along with videos, podcasts, blogs, English courses, a bi-weekly newsletter, and more for only €5 per month.Create your profile, upload pictures, make friends, connect with teachers, and begin chatting with other members in English now.

Members get 10% off private classes.


Welcome to our new school

We will be adding new content regularly so that you can participate in our membership area and meet new people to practice what you are learning!

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