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Experienced, patient, and reliable teacher from the United States. I've worked with children and adults and would be happy to help you with speaking, pronunciation, and listening skills.

I currently teach English as a Second Language in Madrid and have been teaching ESL for two years. Prior to that, I taught elementary school in the United States (in the state of New Jersey) for 13 years. I'm TEFL certified, have a master's degree in literacy and a bachelor's degree in education and psychology. I would love to help you feel more confident in terms of speaking, pronunciation, and listening. Let's make class more fun than grammar exercises from a book! How about a walk around the park and conversation about topics you're interested in? Are you a fitness or yoga instructor? Try to teach me your class in English and I'll help you with pronunciation and vocabulary. I'm also happy to help with reading, writing, or test-taking skills and can make classes available by phone or Skype. Just tell me how I can help you with English!
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December 2019
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