Business Tips: Where to Meet Business People

Business Tips: Where to Meet Business People

Did you start a new job, move to a new town, or a new country? Do you know where to meet business people or potential clients? Follow some of these tips, and you’ll be on your way.


This online networking site is good for making business contacts. If you are new to LinkedIn, go through your current contacts. Search for their names on the site and send them a request. Make sure you write a personal note. Find tutorials and classes on YouTube if you have trouble.


There are Meetups for every hobby or interest. You can also find some for business, networking, and languages. Spend some time looking through the group members and see if there are people you want to meet. If you work for a bank, and five members are bankers, look for another group. Unless you are looking for a new job and want to meet other people in your field!

Leads Groups

A lead is a person or business that could become a client. There are many ways to get these sales leads, such as networking events, trade shows, marketing, advertising, or a recommendation.


In a leads group, members meet one time every week and share contacts with each other. Only one person per industry (banking, insurance, etc.) is invited to attend. Some groups have a national affiliation like BNI, and some are local. Members must commit to the weekly meetings and bring leads. This can be difficult, but rewarding.

Chamber of Commerce

A chamber of commerce helps companies grow and advocates for their interests. There are many opportunities to get involved. The more active you are, the more people you will meet. Join a committee, attend a networking event, or become an event sponsor. There are small, local chambers, as well as large county and state ones.

Where to Meet Business People
Some chamber meetings are in restaurants!

Charity Events

Are you passionate about causes like animals, heart disease, or homelessness? Find a charity and get involved! They always need help. Your focus will be on the charity, but you will also meet a lot of people with the same interests. Build friendships, and perhaps they will become clients.

Business Journals

Many cities have business journals (magazines/newspapers). Get a subscription and start with the news. See what new businesses are starting or expanding, and keep up with the who has been promoted or hired. Send an email congratulating them on their new business or promotion. Business journals also offer networking opportunities. There may be speakers at the events, which will allow you to learn something new while meeting people.

Have your elevator pitch (who you are and what you do) ready for when you meet someone new. For tips on how to create one, read our blog!

Read our blog on how to meet people at a networking event and don’t forget to follow up!






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