Greetings and introductions can be scary. What do you say? Do you shake hands? Kiss? Before we look at greetings, let’s practice some grammar first.

Grammar: Am/is/are

I /am/I’m





You/are/ you’re


I am 50 years old.
I’m from Madrid, Spain.

He is a doctor.
He’s a runner.

She is my best friend.
She’s a new employee.

It is nice to meet you.
It’s nice to meet you too.

We are her grandparents.
We’re so proud of her achievements.

You are from England, aren’t you?
Yes, I am. And you’re from Denmark, right?

They are ready to start the meeting.
They’re new members.


I/am not/I’m not

He/is not/he’s not or he isn’t

She/is not/she’s not or she isn’t

It/is not/it’s not or it isn’t

We/are not/we’re not or we aren’t

You/are not/you’re not or you aren’t

They/are not/they’re not or they aren’t

I’m not her sister. I’m her mother.
He isn’t my husband. He is just a friend.
It’s not too late.
We are not going to find a seat.
You aren’t going to the dinner after the meeting?
They are not going to refund your money.

Common greetings vocabulary and phrases

What’s up?
Alright mate?
What’s new?
How are you?
How are you doing?
How’s it going?
Good to see you.
How have you been?

Sample dialogue

Greetings dialogue formal #1

“Hello. It’s good to see you.”

“Hello. It’s good to see you too. How are you?”

“I’m good thank you. How are you?”

“Good, thank you.”

Greeting dialogue formal #2

“Good morning. It’s nice to see you again. How are you doing?”

“Good morning. It’s nice to see you as well. I’m fine thank you. How are you doing?”

“Fine, thank you.”

Greeting dialogue informal #1

“Hey! What’s up? How are you?”

“Hey! I’m okay. Working too much. You?”

“Can’t complain. Not a lot of sleep thanks
to the baby but it’s all good!”

Greeting dialogue informal #2

“Alright matey?”

“Yeah, I’m well. How about you?”

“I’ll be better when I get over this cold but otherwise great. Cheers.”

Reading practice

Read our greetings blog for more practice.

Video practice

Watch our videos for practice.


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