How to Ask for Directions in English

Are you visiting an English-speaking country? Do you know how to ask for directions in English? In this course, you’ll learn common vocabulary and grammar tips.

Directional Verbs

How to ask for directions in English


Asking for directions

Direction Prepositions

Go across -cross something, like an intersection or street

“To get to the taxi stand you have to go across the intersection and look for the sign.”

Go along – proceed or continue (on a street)

“Keep going along this street for about five minutes and you’ll see the train station on your right.”

Go down – to drive or walk in a direction or down

“Go down this street and the bus stop is on your left.”

Go out of  – to exit a place

“You have to go out of the metro station to get to the buses.”

Go past -continue past something until it is behind you

“Go past the Burger King and the gas station is on the next corner.”

Go straight on – don’t turn

“Go straight on through this intersection and Starbucks is on the left.”

Go through – to continue through an intersection or town

“Go through this intersection and the closest ATM will be on your right.”

Go up – to drive or walk in an direction (could be a hill)

“Go up the street and Broadway will be at the next intersection.”

On the corner  – where two streets meet

“The pharmacy is on the corner of Main and Elm Streets.”


Grammar Lesson

Using where, what, who, how, why to form questions
and contractions

What is = what’s
Who is = who’s
How is = how’s
Where is = where’s
Why is = why is


Examples with answers

Excuse me, where is the art museum?
Excuse me, where’s the art museum?

“Turn right at the intersection and it will be on your left.”

Excuse me, what is the fastest way to get to Main Street?
Excuse me, what’s the fastest way to get to Main Street?

“It’s easier if I show you on a map.”

How is the weather in Baltimore?
How’s the weather in Baltimore?

“It’s hot and humid!”

Who is last in line?
Who’s last in line?

“The end of the line is back there.”

This train was so expensive. Why is it so crowded?
(there is no short version for why. However, when
people speak, they do say-why’s)

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