Are you planning a trip to an English speaking country? Do you vape? Are you concerned with how to get new juices or coils? This course will help you learn the common vaping lingo.

Do you enjoy vaping? Are you traveling to another country and worried how to ask to change your coil or buy new e-liquid? Read this course for some tips and vocabulary. For more English practice, read some of our blogs or take a class.

Vaping vocabulary

Vaporizer – An electronic device shaped like e-cigarettes or vape pens. The device can vaporize a wide variety of mediums such as oil, dry herb, and waxes.

E-Cig/eCig – This is the short form of an electronic cigarette.

Woman vaping with an e-cig

Mod – This is an e-cig that is powered by a removable battery.

Starter kit – A package offered by most vendors that usually has everything one needs to start vaping, including: one or two e-cigarettes, one or two atomizers/clearomizers, a charger, and/or a pack of pre-filled cartridges.

Atomizer – the heating element that is used to vaporize the e-juices.

Coil – The part of the atomizer used to heat or vaporize e-liquid.

vape coils

Priming – Before using a new atomizer, a few drops of liquid are added then made to sit for a few minutes to let the e-juice saturate the wick fully. The same holds true for newly filled tanks, cartomizers, and clearomizers.

Automatic battery – It is a battery that activates the heating element as soon as the user begins puffing.

Manual battery – This will activate the heating element when the user presses a button.

Battery – The power source of an e-cigarette. The battery will power the atomizer which will heat the e-liquid to produce the vapor.

Amps – Short for amperage, this is the flow of energy along a circuit. Batteries with higher amps can better handle atomizers with lower resistances without overheating.

Milliamp Hours (mAh) – This is a rating that describes the amount of energy held by an e-cig battery.

Blank – This is an empty reusable e-cigarette cartridge. You can fill it with the desired e-liquid.

E-cig and vape cartridges

Cartridge – The cartridge contains the e-liquid. It makes contact with the atomizer to produce vapor.

Clearomizer – It is a clear tank-styled e-liquid container. The Clearomizer contains a drip tip and an atomizer unit.

Charger – The device that is used to charge the battery of the e-cig. It will connect to a power source via a USB cable.

Liquid vocabulary

E-liquid – The electronic cigarette uses a medium to create the vapor. The most popular medium is a liquid which can contain nicotine. E-liquid or e-juice comes in pre-filled flavor cartridges that are disposable.

Juice/e-juice – A similar term to e-liquid.

Nicotine strength – The nicotine concentration in an e-liquid.
It is measured in a percentage of nicotine by mass – such as zero
nicotine, 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, and 0.6%.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – This is a primary ingredient in an e-liquid.
It is used to create the flavor as well as throat hit sensation in the e-liquid.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) – A primary ingredient in an e-liquid. The
thickness of VG will help produce thicker vapor compared to Propylene Glycol.

DIY – Do it yourself. Making your own juice.

Flavor shots – Pre-sweetened Pre-made Concentrated Flavoring Mixes – just add whatever amount you like to your unflavored DIY mix and the hard work is done.

ADV = all day vape. Used to refer to an e-juice that is great to vape all day and the enjoyment of that vape does not diminish through the use of using that same flavor all day long. Tastes are subjective, so you might not think someone else’s ADV is your own.

Steeping – The process of allowing a newly purchased or newly mixed e-liquid to mature and reach its design flavor profile.

Breathing – The process of allowing your newly purchased e-juice open to air in order to evaporate off any alcohol. This is only done if any flavorings were used that were alcohol based.

Shake and vape – E-juice that is great to vape the second its been mixed. No Steeping required.

Base – nicotine solution suspended in either PG or VG, comes in a variety of strengths and needs diluted with VG before vaping.

Unflavored e-liquid – a vg/pg and nicotine solution that is ready to vape as soon as you add flavoring to it.

Concentrates – speaking of individual flavor extracts. These are used in eliquid recipes.

mg – Milligrams, the measurement used for nicotine. Example: 6mg means your e-juice has 6mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid, or 6mg/ml.

ml – Milliliters, the measurement for your e-juice.

MTL – Mouth to lung inhalation technique – common means of inhaling vapor.

DL – Direct to lung inhalation technique – common means of inhaling vapor.

Airflow – The amount of air sucked into an atomizer or tank. Looser airflow results in more vapor, while tighter airflow results in less vapor but more intense flavor.

girl vaping

Dry burn – This refers to the firing of an atomizer, without any e-juice, until the coil glows red to burn off dried e-juice residue.

Dry hit – A flavorless draw from an electronic cigarette. This happens when the cartridge doesn’t have enough e-liquid or the wicks are burned out.

Flooding – This is what happens when an atomizer is overfilled. A flooded atty is characterized by reduced vapor production accompanied by gurgling noises.

Inhale – The act of breathing vapor into your lungs or mouth. There are two kinds: lung inhale and mouth-to-lung inhale. Lung inhaling is when vapor goes straight to your lungs. Mouth-to-lung inhale is when vapor is inhaled to the mouth, then to the lungs. This type is the most common, and is the same kind of inhale used by cigarette smokers.

Throat hit – A mild sensation that is experienced in the back of the throat when nicotine is inhaled.

Vaper’s tongue – Loss of taste. Usually occurs a for a short time after beginning to vape, and generally lasts a week or so.

E-liquid flavor categories

Tobacco flavor eliquid
Tobacco flavor
beverage flavor
Beverage flavor
Menthol flavor e-liquid
Menthol flavor
Dessert e-liquid flavor
Dessert flavor
Candy flavor e-liquid
Candy flavor
Fruit flavor e-liquid
Fruit flavor

Sample vaping dialogue

“Hello. Welcome to _____. How can I help you?”
“I need new coils. Do you carry this kind?”
“Yes. Do you want one or more?”
“How much are they?”
“Five euros each or 15 for 5.”
“I’ll take two.”
“Here you go.”
“Thank you”

“How can I help you?”
“I need some new juice.”
“Great. What flavors do you like?”
“Do you know what nicotine level you would like?”
“How high can I go?”
“We carry 0, 1,5, 3, and 6 mg.”

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More sample dialogue

“Hello. Welcome to _____. How can I help you?”
“My vape tastes horrible. Like it’s burned.”
“Can I look? You might have a bad coil. How long has it been in here?”
“A few days.”
“It could be a bad coil. Did you prime it?”
“What’s that?”
“You put liquid in the coil and let it sit for a few minutes. Then you take a dry hit without pushing the button.”
“I did not do that.”
“Okay. Let me show you how.”

“Hi. My vape keeps leaking.”
“Okay. Can I take a look?”
“It looks like you aren’t screwing the top on all the way. This has child safety locks. You have to push down and turn. Then turn it back to change the air flow.”

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Reading practice

Here is an article about vaping.

Video practice

Beginners Guide to Vaping For The First Time

Here is a good video on E-liquids

This video is about the safety of e-cigs

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