English Language Workshop: Camino Manzanares

English Language Workshop: Camino Manzanares

From Madrid to Manzanares el Real

Are you coming to Madrid for a business conference or work?  Join us on a walking intensive English Language Workshop

The bus travels from the bus station at Plaza de Castilla Madrid, heading in the direction of Manzanares El Boalo and takes 45 minutes, more or less. The great thing about the Madrid transport system is that the buses have their own lanes so the journey times are not reflected by the congestion of the day.


Manzanares el Real

Your language workshop begins at the tourist office across the street from the 724 bus stop where you will be met by your Camino English representative.

The hike starts with a walk through the lovely town of Manazares el Real with its 14th Century architecture. You’ll especially enjoy the Mendoza Castle which is one of the finest examples of castle conservation to be found in the Madrid region.

You will delight at the various buildings in the town from around the same period in history. The changing times are reflected in Nuestra Señora de las Nieves Church which is a good example of the 16th century Renaissance style.


If you enjoy architecture, these buildings make great talking points (in the English Language of course).

We will then make our way to a bridge that crosses over the Manzanres River.

Once we cross the river and leave town, we will travel along a path which winds its way through the Parque Regional de la Cuenca Alta del Manzanares. Hiking over hills and through the woods of la Padriza.


La Padriza gets its name from the most amazing and enormous rock formations which can be found throughout the park. The locals love this area for rock climbing and the Yelmo (the helmet).


The Yelmo is one of the highest peaks inside La Padriza standing at 1.720 meters. As you can see, we are going to be passing some stunning scenery.


The terrain is rocky so make sure you have the proper gear for each and every adventure, starting with your boots.



After arriving at Mataelpino, we will stop for a Menu del Dia (expect to eat around1 pm). We will continue our conversation in the English Language over lunch. Don’t worry if you haven’t spoken in a long time. If there are enough students, groups will be divided by language level. You will receive correction and guidance along the way.

When you register, you will be asked about your hobbies and interests so that we can have plenty to talk about during the six hour class.

We can also fill up our water bottles before heading back to Manzanares el Real where we can cool off at the river we passed at the beginning of the journey.

It is very close to the path and very accessible. The water is freezing but it feels so good on hot tired feet.

Members get 10% discount on all classes

Time: 10 am – 4 pm


Private class: 160 euros (includes Menu del Dia)

Group class (limit 4 students per teacher): 95 euros (includes Menu del Dia)

(15% cancellation fee)

Hiking Level: Novice to Intermediate