Greetings When Traveling for Business or Pleasure


New job? New town? New country? New company? You’re going to want to meet people who can help you grow your business. Follow some of these tips and you’ll be on your way.


Are you interested in meeting new people who share the same interests? Consider joining Meetup. There are groups for every imaginable hobby or interest. Join the site and enter your area and interest (business, networking, etc.)

.¿Está interesado en conocer gente nueva que comparta los mismos intereses? Considere unirse a Meetup. Hay grupos por cada hobby o interés imaginable. Únase al sitio e ingrese su área e interés (negocios, Networking, etc.).


There are Meetups for every imaginable hobby or interest. That is a true statement. Check it out. Join the site and put in your area and interest. I.E. Business, networking, etc. You will find a networking event very quickly. Spend some time looking through the members of the different groups and see if there are people who match your needs. Networking is about being efficient. You don’t want to waste your time. If you work for a bank and there are five bankers in the group, then move on. There are plenty of other groups. Then again, if there aren’t, then see how much those bankers RSVP to events and then try it.

Are you coming to Madrid for a business conference or work? Join us on a walking intensive English Language Workshop
We also offer Video and Telephone classes
Please feel free to contact us with enquiries CaminoEnglish

¿Vienes a Madrid para una conferencia o trabajo de negocios? Únase a nosotros en una caminata intensiva de inglés. También ofrecemos clases de video y teléfono. Contacte con nosotros en CaminoEnglish


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