How to Learn English From Home

Learn English From Home

Did you learn English in school? You probably followed a textbook, memorized vocabulary, and studied grammar rules. After school, you probably stopped learning and practicing. Now you need English for work or travel, and you seemed to have forgotten what you learned in school. The good news is that a lot of what you learned is still in your brain! 

Changing Technology

The idea of sitting in a classroom again is not exciting. Also, attending an academy means you have to take time away from your friends, family, and work. Thankfully, technology has changed the way people learn. Now you can learn English from home or anywhere you have an internet connection. You can still have a face-to-face class with a teacher on Skype. This platform also allows you to share screens and chat. 

Learn English From Home
Technology has changed how we learn

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Learn English From Home:

1. Dedicate time

Dedicate time every day to learning. It can be as little as 15 minutes or as much as a few hours. You have to practice. Great musicians, photographers, and chefs all practice their craft – a lot. If you want to improve or become fluent, you have to practice. If you lose motivation, remind yourself why you want to learn English.

2. Watch shows and videos in English

So many television shows and movies are in English. Find one on Netflix or cable. Watch it a few times with subtitles and then take them off to see if you understand what they said. Then try the opposite. Watch another episode without the subtitles and then put them back on to see if you were correct. Too difficult? Watch children’s television shows! The language is simple, and they talk slower. Short YouTube videos or Ted Talks are also an excellent way to improve your skills.

Learn English From Home
Watch movies and television programs in English!

3. Read blogs, articles, and books in English

To practice your reading skills, find a blog about something that interests you – like business or travel. Try to figure out unfamiliar vocabulary through context. Websites are another good tool. Try to read the site without using a translation app. There are also magazines like People or Forbes that use simple language. Follow a newspaper like El Pais in English. You’ll know the topics, which makes them easier to understand.

Also, look for bilingual or English-only books. Don’t worry if you don’t understand every word. Try to get the general idea of each sentence and paragraph. If this seems like too much, first read the book in your language, and then again in English. You’ll already know the story!


Learn English From Home
Around the World in Eighty Days – La Vuelta al Mundo en Ochenta Dias. A Spanish to English Bilingual Book With Spanish to English Dictionary: Learn … Parallel Text Books (Spanish-English)

4. Write reviews or join chats groups

Interact with other English-language learners and teachers in our social area. Find a chat that interests you and practice your writing skills. Leave an Amazon, eBay, TripAdvisor, or review in English. Finally, join international Facebook groups for work or travel. There are many expat and travel groups. 

5. Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and music

Start by listening to free podcasts. Find ones made for language learners, and then try ones for native speakers. English-speaking newscasts like Sky News on YouTube are also good options.

Music lyrics are a good way to practice listening skills. Listen to one of your favorite songs (in English) and write down the words. Check YouTube to see if you were correct. If you don’t do well the first time, keep trying. Native speakers get song lyrics wrong all the time!

Listen to books on tape. If you have recently read a book, look for the English audiobook version. Since you know the story, it will help you understand what is being said. Then try an some audio best sellers.

6. Talk, Talk, Talk!

Fluency requires speaking. Sadly, many are afraid of making mistakes and get shy about talking in another language. Don’t worry! Most native speakers say things incorrectly all the time! People will encourage you because they want to communicate – and see you succeed. Being understood is more important than perfect grammar.

Google Hangout or MMO video games are good ways to practice. You will already have something in common with others on the platforms.

Finally, take a Skype or telephone class. This will build your speaking confidence quickly!

Ready to Practice Outside Your Home?

Join a Meetup. It’s easier to talk when you’re doing something you enjoy! You can also find Intercambio or language learning ones (like ours!)

At Camino English, we specialize in English for the globetrotter. Visit us before a trip or business conference. In addition to classes, we also have podcasts, videos, blogs, and courses to help you learn. Whatever your needs, we are here for you – every step of the way.






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