The Camino English Language Feature List For Teacher Posts

At Camino English, we’re all about the stories.

But we’re also about English and making the language fun and entertaining for learners. So, as much as we would just love to read about your experiences and adventures, of the lessons you’ve learnt or moments you’ve shared, we also need to include at least one language feature throughout the piece. Three to five uses will do.

You can choose which language feature before you start writing, which we advise, or you can scour your text afterward to highlight a language feature you’ve used a few times. Some language features, though listed in only Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced, may contain elements that blur the line between levels, and also, the vocabulary you use will have an effect on its level of difficulty. Please keep this in mind because the last thing we want to do is ask for the piece to be rewritten.

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  • Adjectives
  • Comparatives and Superlatives
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • Articles
  • Going to
  • Adverbial phrases
  • How much / How many
  • Countable / Uncountable Nouns
  • I’d like
  • Imperatives
  • Modals (can/could, should, have to/must)
  • Prepositions of time
  • Pronouns
  • Questions
  • There is / There are
  • To be (incl questions and negatives)
  • Verb + ing (like/hate/love)
  • Gerunds
  • Zero conditional
  • 1st conditional
  • Wh-questions (past)
  • Common phrasal verbs
  • Past and Present tenses


  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Intensifiers
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Complex question tags
  • 2nd conditional
  • 3rd conditional
  • Linking words
  • Modals – must/can’t deduction
  • Modals – might, may, will, probably
  • Modals – should have/might have/etc
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Reported speech
  • Will / Going to for prediction
  • Wh-questions (past)
  • Would / Used to
  • Relative clauses
  • Perfect verb tenses
  • Future verb tenses


  • Inversion with negative adverbials
  • Mixed conditionals in past, present, and future
  • Modals in the past
  • Narrative tenses for experience, incl. passive
  • Passive forms
  • Phrasal verbs, especially splitting
  • Wish/if only regrets
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For more information on the language features above and examples as well, you can visit Exam English.

And remember to include the language feature you have chosen in the subject line of the email along with your own name.