The Benefits of Learning English Online

The Benefits of Learning English Online

The aim of Camino English is to provide classes and online resources  that will help professionals, students, and tourists become more effective, knowledgeable, and skilled in the use of the English language.


Not long ago, language learning was left to compulsory schools. Using sometimes out-dated textbooks, you would sit in class memorizing vocabulary and repeating phrases spoken by your teacher who was probably not a native English speaker. If you fell behind, you would study harder or find a tutor. After compulsory school years, you probably stopped learning or practicing your English. Now you need to speak English for your work and you seemed to have forgotten what you learned in school.

Sound familiar?

The problem is, you don’t have time to go back to school. Maybe you work a lot of hours or you have a family now. You probably have very little time and the idea of sitting in a classroom again gives you a headache.


Thankfully, technology has changed the way we learn. Gone are the days when you would spend your evenings or lunch hour sitting with strangers and practicing fake dialogues with other students. With the rise in popularity of online English classes using Skype and services like Whatsapp, face-to-face classes are changing location.

Life happens.

School. Work. Children. You know that you need to improve your English but when? With Skype you can have your English class anywhere you have an Internet connection. Even if you are on vacation with your family? No problem! Send everyone to the beach, have your class while sitting on the veranda, and off you go to the beach 45 minutes later.

Why join a membership program?

If you don’t have the time or money to take a private class, our membership can still help you learn and grow. In addition to the theme-based podcasts, videos, blogs, and online lessons, there is also a built-in social media platform. Whether it’s because you don’t have time to go out and meet people or are shy, this social media site is a perfect way to meet people who share the same interest – learning English. You can join a chat and practice your reading and writing skills in real time and about a topic that may interest you. You will be able to chat with people from all over the world on a variety of topics.

You’re Not Alone Online

We all feel like we’re alone when we’re trying to learn something new. We might think that nobody else struggles like we do. It’s not true. You’ll find plenty of people in the membership program who will have the same struggles and triumphs as you do. You’ll be able to encourage each other along the way.

New Ideas

Perhaps you’re in a business situation and you need help with meeting new people. You’ll find a message board for that! You can share tips and ideas online that have worked for you and help someone else as well.

Waste time productively

Do you spend a lot of time online with social media? Perhaps you have a long commute to work on public transportation. Maybe you play on your phone occassionally and an hour later realize that all you’ve done is re-post pictures of cats. By joining our membership program and using our social media site, you will be spending that time productively by practicing English.

Discounts on Classes

Are you afraid to commit to a weekly class? Don’t want to sit in a classroom? With our membership, you can get a discount on our private online Skype or telephone classes. You’re in control of your class schedule. You can schedule one class at a time or a block of classes. It’s up to you.


Don’t mind a group and want to get active? By becoming a member of our program you get a discount on our walking intensives as well. classes so that you can practice your speaking skills.


Learning English online is not one size fits all. That means that what works for one person may not work for another. That’s why we chose to include many methods of learning within our website. However you prefer to learn, we have the right method for you.





2 responses on "The Benefits of Learning English Online"

  1. Hi, teachers:
    Thank you very much for your tips and for making the reading easier and funnier.
    But I have a very important and meaningful question about language learning:
    Why I can speak fluently English, and read and comprehend it, but I have many difficulties when someone speaks to me in English. And, in addiction, how can I solve this.
    Thanks a lot,
    Best regards,
    Julio L.

  2. Hello Julio: Have you ever lived in the USA at all? because some of the different states are so big that generally you hear the same dialect of English. ” Sometimes we get into the habit of hearing what’s been said, before it’s been said” In Europe the English language is so wide spread around the smaller European countries and their own languages that it is difficult to understand. Take your time maybe try a skype class with us: Here is a podcast so you can hear The difference between American English and British English.
    Greetings: When Traveling for Business or Pleasure
    Keep us updated with how your getting on.

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