The Camino English Guide For Teacher Posts

Camino English’s goal is to spark conversation among users, inspire further discussion, and act as an introduction to travel topics and themes as well as grammar points. 

For this reason, and with the aim of creating and fostering a community of language professionals using their love of travel to share, grow and help English-language learners on their journey, we are keen on finding English teachers and English-language professionals interested in sharing their travel experiences and travel stories.

To help explain what we’re looking for, here is the Camino English guide to teacher posts. 

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To begin, stories or articles will only need to be one short text (300-600 words) or a set of images with accompanying text (max 5 images). We will also accept excerpts, so if you want to begin a story in one post and continue it the next month (or two), that will be fine. (Just let us know that you are doing this.) 

These will then be proofed and edited to make sure they are suitable for the target audience as well as having guided discussion questions created to inspire conversation among users. 

Some posts may later be used in our newsletter where we will also create a set of comprehension questions for the text or images. You will be informed if your post is selected and these would then be made available to you free of charge. If you would like to try your hand at ESL material creation, then, by all means, get in touch.

Nevertheless, to remain active and searchable on the Camino English social platform, teachers will need to submit one post every three months. 

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So, what are we asking for?

– Vignettes, anecdotes, reviews and thoughts on a place you have visited, somewhere you stayed, food you tried or music you danced to

– Perhaps it’s an experience, a moment you remember or a lesson you learnt

– It could be a short piece with advice you wished you had known before travelling or living abroad

– It could even be an interesting bit on how English (or even a few words in another language) saved you from trouble. (Or, got you into trouble)

– Is there a photo (or set of photos) that tells a story? You can submit them too with accompanying words detailing the experience or memory

And a couple of other things to note

Importantly, you will need to subtly embed within the post a particular piece of grammar (see here). You may find it easier to choose one before writing or you might prefer to select a language feature post-writing. That’s entirely up to you, but please clearly state what language or grammar feature you have used and also underline/highlight/make visible its use in the text.

In regards to tone and language used, try to keep it conversational, somewhat informal, and friendly because, above all, we want the posts to be fun, entertaining, and engaging to read. Also, keep in mind that Camino English is a language-learning platform and there will be a range of English levels present on the site so grading the language of your stories would make them readable by more people. 

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If you have a blog or social media account where you already post this kind of material, then you are totally more than all right to submit a piece from there and save yourself the time and effort. However, please make sure to include and label the grammar point used. 

If you’re still unsure of what to submit, get in touch. We do have a list of other content that we are working on and, if you prefer, you could help us with one of these articles. 


– One short text (300-600 words), every three months, or

– 1-5 copyright-free images (200-500 words), every three months

– Must include language feature

Submit to:

Subject: Teacher Post, Your Name, Language Feature

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