Ways to Keep From Being Bored

Are you bored? Stuck at home? Looking for something to do? Try some of these ideas!

Are you stuck at home? Are you bored? Have you watched everything on Netflix? Here are some ideas to keep your brain active!


  1. Read blogs and magazines. Magazines are typically written at a lower language level, which means that it will be easier for ESL learners to understand. People magazine from the U.S. has shorter and easier-to-read articles. You can also try Hello Magazine from the U.K.
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    Try reading to improve your language skills.



  2. Watch Ted Talks. There are so many talks on a wide variety of subjects. They also have a section for languages.
  3. Try a recipe in English! On All Recipes, you can type in the available ingredients, and they will give you some suggestions.
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    Try a new recipe in English!


  4. Learn yoga or do an online workout. Yoga with Adriene has a 30-day yoga challenge. Most classes are only 25 minutes and great for beginners.
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    Try relaxing with a yoga class.


  5. Download a word search or crossword puzzle app. If you don’t know the word, look it up. This is an excellent way to build your vocabulary.
  6. Are you looking for something cultural? Go on a virtual museum tour. Many museums are offering this free service.
  7. Are you looking for group activities? Try hangman, charades, or Pictionary. Google the games, and you’ll find easy instructions.
  8. Take a free drawing class online. All you need is paper and a pencil and you’re ready to go.
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    Try a new hobby you can learn from home.


  9. Take a quiz on Quizlet. Find a subject that interests you and give it a try.
  10. Try practicing pronunciation with our tongue twisters.
  11. Learn English! Sign up for Camino English, and you can join one of our interactive forums. Talk to other students, take a course, and find an online English teacher.


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